We focus on investments that support human development and well-being

Who are we?

From entrepreneurship to investment

In 2005, after many years of experience from entrepreneurship and senior management positions in business, Peter Weiderman founded Atnotera. The interest in investing in entrepreneurial companies and to support them with knowledge and experience had taken over.

The ambition is and has always been to build stable and long-term operations. As an active owner, we work closely with the companies in an advisory role. Together with the management, we develop and implement an agenda for continuous development and growth.

What do we do?

We invest in development-oriented operations with committed people

We choose to invest in industries we can and understand, Atnotera contributes capital, experience, knowledge and commitment.

We prioritize established businesses with stable results and where we see the opportunity to create a good balance between growth and development. Our focus is on activities that support people's development and well-being, activities within Care, Preschool, School, Clinical Trial and Funeral.

How we operate

Clear processes and close collaboration contribute to good development

We follow a clear process to ensure the development of the companies we have chosen to invest in. Together with the operations, we develop a plan to drive business development.  

We strive to create businesses with a high development ambition, who want to grow, improve and streamline the business in order to increase customer benefit.

Depending on the investment, Atnotera can work both independently and in networks with other investors.

Heroes worthy of recognition

The people behind the activities

The core of the business is the people who run and develop the companies, they are the real heroes in our eyes. With a strong commitment and successful leadership, they develop a strong culture and growth. It creates good conditions for our collaboration, together we set new goals and plans for how people and businesses can be developed.

01 —

↳ Vision, we strive to add values that generate growth.

02 —

↳ Mission, we work for long-term ownership, economic stability and continuous development.

03 —

↳ Goal, to improve and expand the business.