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We are active owners who value stability, commitment and entrepreneurship

Our investments
↳ Atveda — Specialist care
↳ Atvexa — Preschool and School
↳ Atviva — Health and Social Care
↳ My Clinical Outcomes — Healthcare
↳ CTR— Clinical tests
↳ CTR — Clinical trials
↳ Other investments

Active investments in a limited number of companies

We have a limited number of investments, where we contribute with our knowledge, experience and capital. Our philosophy is simple; we choose industries we understand and businesses that are stable and where we see an opportunity to generate growth.

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Atnotera is an independent investment company working network based. We invest in companies that support human development and well-being

The opportunity to contribute towards developing these businesses and co-operating with committed people is our main motivator. It is key for us that all stakeholders feel that our collaboration is rewarding and that both people and businesses develop. These are key success criteria to us and enabling a good investment.

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↳ Here we publish news related to Atnotera's investments

CTR establishes a new company in Groningen

CTR establishes CTC Netherlands BV in Groningen.

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CTR acquires contract research company

Center for Translational Research AB acquires the contract company A+ Science.

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Atleva Specialist Care's Gothenburg clinics have moved.

Atleva Specialist vård Göteborg (Fotcenter, Handcenter and Smärthjälpen) is now located in new premises in GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal.

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