Narva Varicose Vein Centre becomes part of Atveda

Narva Åderbråckscenter AB will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Atveda AB, a long-term owner-operated company in specialist care founded by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. In connection with the acquisition, Narva's current owners and managers will become co-owners of Atveda through reinvestment and new investment. This is the second acquisition Atveda has made since its inception in the fall of 2021.

"In Atveda AB, Narva Varicose Vein Centre will have a stable and long-term owner. We will continue to have the opportunity to develop specialised healthcare according to the same values, culture and parameters that have been our driving forces in the development of Narva Varicose Vein Centre, i.e. Holistic Approach, Empathy, High Quality, Competence and Fast Decision-Making. In support of this, we also have a management team with extensive experience in the development of healthcare in Atveda. We will also significantly strengthen our position towards insurance companies. We look forward to being significant owners in Atveda's growth and development within specialist care" says the founder of Narva Varicose Vein Centre, Dr Stefan Nydahl.

"For the employees and the management this does not mean any changes. The clinics will continue to be independent and collaborate with other units within the Group. We will be able to continue the work we have started and continue to deliver high quality care where our patients and partners feel they are in safe hands. Personally, I feel very comfortable with this restructuring, which gives us an even more stable foundation to stand on," says Dr Stefan Nydahl.

"We welcome Narva Varicose Vein Center AB, a leading specialist in varicose vein treatments in Sweden, as another new business area within Atveda's decentralized structure. The business is characterised by high medical competence, entrepreneurship and professional management that fits well into our structure. We see a great potential to further strengthen the position in Sweden and later internationally together with the current owners" says CEO Ralph Riber.

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